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CEG | Your Premier DJ Event Planning, Design, & Production Company

City Event Group, along with its amazing vendors is dedicated to turning your vision into a reality by striving to achieve utmost excellence when working with you to plan and design your event. CEG takes extreme pride in our work creating the perfect vibe, setting, and environment for any given event. In knowing that we are celebrating something special together, we promise to deliver a night you’ll never forget.

City Event Group offers more than just incredible DJs and Event Planners. CEG offers a variety of additional services (including but not limited to) the following below. Should you have any further questions on any of our additional services, please feel free to reach out to us at any time for a free consultation and check availability!


Uplighting – (most popular)

Indirect interior lighting decorating the perimeter of the room

Stage/Dancefloor Lighting

Filling the dance floor directly with lighting to add to the party

Pin Spot Lighting

Direct accent lights for centerpieces or highlighting key features in room

Photo Booth

CEG Social Booth – (most popular)

Completely user friendly and state-of-the-art. As a standalone booth, the Social Booth has a very sleek, unique and clean look, as well as produces photos, memes, gifs, and videos all in one system. Users after each interaction simply add their phone number, email, or scans a generated QR code and the digital prints are directly transferred to them after each use for quick saving and instant sharing. Ideal for smaller spaces.

Magic Mirror Booth

The Magic Mirror booth has all the same functionalities as the Social Booth, but in a life-sized mirror form in which is a two-way display with a touch-screen and user-friendly interface. This option does come with attendant to ensure proper guidance and be present to service any technical difficulties (which are seldom, but always good to have.

360 Photo Booth

Our 360 Booth is also a stand-alone unit, but is a little more advanced. With a raised platform that can fit up to 4 guests, the 360 Booth creates great 360 video clips and cameos. This comes with an attendant to ensure proper care and handle any technical issues on site. There are monitors provided so guests can see their creation live! After each use, guests will be able to scan a QR code to instantly download their video. The 360 Booth is certainly an eye catcher!

  • All photo booth’s come with a fully customized watermark & background/template.
  • Photo booth’s do not come with a backdrop, nor a printer. All prints are digital.
  • Physical prints and printers are available upon request, and come with an additional fee.
  • Backdrops are also additional fee, and tailored per event (plain backdrop, green wall, etc)

CEG normally use the room and its surroundings and dancefloor as a natural background/canvas for the photos. For backdrop options, please ask one of our CEG team members for guidance and availability.

The full digital collection of raw and final prints from your event will be shared with you for safe-keeping through our online service, with your event specific customized link!


We can certainly provide or include props at an additional fee. Since the pandemic, we have encouraged our clients to search and purchase their own props, as there are many different styles and bundles that may be more suitable for their taste.

Monograms, Projections, & TV/Display


Monograms are a custom pre-ordered template in which is projected on an open canvas, center wall or floor. These are often projected in white light, with a custom design. i.e. – “Mr. & Mrs. John & Jane Smith” or “The Smith’s” followed by a “00/00/0000” date.


Have a video or montage to show? Projections are portable projector and screen set ups in which are used for all various occasions. From corporate meetings & presentations, to showcasing a personal video at some point during the evening of your event. These can be slide show presentations or video presentations, with full audio.

TV/Display Options

Similarly to projections, TV/Display is a great addition to showcase a
personal monogram, slideshow, and video throughout your event. The set up includes two evenly placed truss posts on either side of the DJ booth, on stage, or front of room; each holding (60” or larger) flat screen displays. Audio and video technician included.

Additional Services

As mentioned previously, City Event Group along with its many vendors and partnered resources, is able to provide much more than what we have listed above. Here is a list of a few other popular services we are able to source and accommodate, all on a per event basis.

– Marquee Letters (both Classic Bulb & Full-Color LED options)

– Event Furniture & Décor

– Live Musicians – Saxophone, Violin, or other live musical attribute

– Photographers and Videographers

– Branded LED Foam Party Sticks, Glow Accessories, & more

– Step & Repeats/Green Walls, Pipe & Drape

Inquire for availability and quote.

CEG Affiliated Partners

City Event Group has partnered with some of our favorite vendors to provide exclusive benefits and offers to our clients, as well as make their journey sourcing vendors easier.